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The Feldenkrais Method: surprising learning

Throughout our whole life we continue to develop. We can learn to move with more precision, efficiency, and in particular with greater ease. We can even learn to learn.
Feldenkrais lessons explore a wide range of human movement, from infant development to the highest performance skills. The lessons are comfortable, sometimes surprising, and offer a sophisticated yet natural way of somatic learning which can have an instantly positive effect on our movement in every day life.
The impressive effects of the Feldenkrais Method include an expanded range of movement, better breathing as well as improved movement skills for professionals such as musicians, athletes and dancers. Further effects can be more comfort and the rediscovery of an easy mobility. Changing one’s perception and experiencing a better understanding of oneself can also lead to fully reaching one’s individual potential both professionally and personally.
The Feldenkrais Method is a unique and revolutionary approach to the understanding of human learning, movement and function. It can be practiced equally effectively in group classes as in individual lessons.

Baby development forms a major foundation of the Feldenkrais Method.  It is these first beginnings that form the initial pieces that someone would learn while doing a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lesson.  Finding the floor under you, finding the support the environment gives you such that you can move, repetition that is driven by curiosity and exploration such that action can begin to be effortless and more refined.